MAKE MONEY as a Beginner Photographer!

by admin August 7, 2018 at 1:40 am

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Watching yours and Chris' videos have inspired me to purchase my first full frame Sony tomorrow. Not the A7III but hoping I can get some great shots with the A7II and enter your contest.

  2. How do I get the $2 bonus applied? Do I have to enter the premium entry by giving the credit card info first, then it will apply the $2 credit back? Or can I enter with the $2 applied right away without needing to enter credit card info?

  3. Hi Chris & Lizzie, I have joined a few Wedding Photography Groups on Facebook. The problem is that they want someone with experience and a portfolio. It is so difficult when you are getting started. I even posted on the group that I am a beginner and I am will to offer my service for free so I can learn from them. But no one accepted my offers. I want to get better at photography, I been watching videos on youtube. I have been taking photos for the last 12 months and I take mostly landscape photos. Any advice or Ideas? Thank You

  4. Great helpful video Lizzy. Really enjoyed it I would have come say hi if I'd known you were in Scotland. I signed up for the photo contest but it wouldn't let me have the $2 entry for some reason.

  5. Thank you Lizzie for the tips, I already submitted my pic into your contest!!! there are so many good pictures there!!! and also into the "People on Streets" I would appreciate any vote you and all your wonderful followers can do for me over there!!! you can find me as iSpanglish (same as mi IG)

  6. Great video Lizzie. I'm from Glasgow but grew up on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. If you're still in the country you should def visit Skye…it's incredible. Google it if you are unaware. I'm in New Zealand at the moment but wish I was home to show you guys around

  7. Great video! I've just entered the contest! Just wondering (maybe a silly question), are you personally picking your favourite travel photo as the winner or is the winner based on the vote system within Shuttout? Thanks!

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