Photography Quick Tip – How to bounce light with Foam Core – Lighting Techniques

by admin December 3, 2017 at 6:33 pm

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  1. Hi Davin , interesing videos you got on the a6000 ( opened my eyes to sigma when I saw your sigma 19mm video compared to the kit lens ). I have the sel 35 + 1650 and do mostly portraits, landscapes and still life.  1.) What do you think is the recommended F-number to get a real sharp image for the sel 35 on portraits / and landscapes. 2.) For landscapes ( like a sunset ) , do you recommend the sigma 19mm over the rokinon 12 2.0 in terms of image quality ? 

    Keep up the good videos Davin !

  2. Very informative.  Love the trick of shooting through the foam core.  Could you recommend a speedlight and trigger combo that are compatible with the A6000? 

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