3 Reasons People Are Wrong About the Nikon Z6

by admin August 30, 2018 at 2:43 am

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  1. I do not agree with you on this. I for 1 will not spend my money on something that is "ok". Waiting to see what the a7s 3 offers before I part with my hard earned cash again. Just my opinion.

  2. Still waiting on the Canon FF mirrorless but thanks for digging beneath the surface showing the TRUE value of the camera. BTW – I would wager that there wedding photogs only represent a small portion of an overall market. I'm sure they're significant but I'd love to see the stats. I'm sure Nikon marketers looked at this.

  3. I wouldn't expect much AF adapters for Z mount, MF adapters are certainly not a problem though.

    Z mount data is encrypted, and Nikon refused share it with any third party manufacturers, so there will be tons of work to reverse engineer Z mount if you want good AF. A possible workaround is to "fake" your lens as an F mount lens, which is still, troublesome. The FTZ mount adapter from Nikon doesn't perform so well in tests.

    However, E mount is a different story, SONY has already share the spec with Tamron, Sigma and other manufacturers, and we have TECHART, MC-11, and Metabones which are well tested. It's also way, way easier to "fake" a lens as an A mount lens.

    Still, 10bit 4:2:2, color science is awesome and I am very happy to see Nikon join the market, healthy competition is always good.

  4. Good points, sir, if I was a video guy…However, I'm a stills guy only, and for my landscape and product images, I currently use the Fujiflm X-System and their stellar Fujinon XF lenses. That said, my first camera back in the '70's, was the Nikkormat FT3, so I do have some history with Nikon, and wish them success with the Z7 Series.

  5. I'm a Nikon shooter and you said out loud what I'm trying to explaint to my fellow photog friends, Nikon Z series they were not meant for photos but the'll make killer video rigs!

  6. Your 10-bit argument is ridiculous. Pointing out the expensive cameras that have it is like pointing out that availability of air conditioning in a car is huge! The Rolls Royce has it and it costs over a quarter of a million dollars! Once upon a time, you might have needed to buy a Cadillac to get AC but now it is generally available. 10-bit is no longer expensive, the Lumix G5 has been doing 10 bit for over a year and is also in the $2k price range.

  7. So good to hear this. I was pretty sure that the majority of negative reviews were from the people who were unable to appreciate the adaptability of the Nikon Z and its ability to evolve a niche. Coming to the camera without prejudice was what we needed to hear from reviewers. It was clear to me that the modular nature combined with superior image science was the beacon for users who were not the typical Nikon DSLR users. It also had to be able to go further and deeper than they current mirrorless champions. The Z series looks like a powerful first shot. Firmware revisions will strengthen the performance, lenses will appear that will be geared to maximising the technical advantages of the very short lens to sensor distance. The form factor and a suitable rig will put it into the arena of being a powerful cinema grade camera. Good work Nikon. The naysayers decrying the prices need to see Z series in in the context of the professional cinema gear it can emulate at a fraction of their prices. This was a good assessment of how z-series will attract more and different users to Nikon without undermining Nikon’s other product lines.

  8. well the fact is that there are more photographers that uses Nikon for weddings and sports, if they marketed this camera more of a video camera then it will be much less dissapointing

  9. 1. You stated yourself no internal 10 bit. Cool it has it, but requires an entire cumbersome setup to take advantage of.
    2. Color science – look it up, Sony has more accurate colors, in general, than any of the big 3 camera manufacturers. Granted Nikon get the close second, but saying that Nikon is WAY better than Sony here is simply ignorant.
    3. Yes we can imagine how shallow that f0.95 will be as there are already 50mm f0.95 lenses used on Sony cameras, which btw actually have auto focus.

    I'm not saying here that you're entirely wrong. I do think that there will be a few surprises with this camera. However, on the whole, this camera is about 3 years too late and it's really sad that Nikon couldn't do better to push Canon and Sony to do more. It's also sad that they had to hype this camera up so much, without this level of hype, I think this would have been a fine entry into the full-frame mirrorless market, but "Reinventing Mirrorless"? Child please, they haven't reinvented anything…again unfortunately.

    To quote Kevin Bacon, "these are the facts, and they are undisputed"

  10. Sorry, can't afford either Z camera. Ye Olde Nikon D7000 will have to do, along with Fujifilm X30 and Canon PowerShot G15. Then there's my first serious film camera, a 1938 Leica IIIa with a 1950's 50mm f/3.5 collapsible Elmar. I'll keep watching this space, and get a roll of Ektachrome for the Leica IIIa. Have fun with the gear. Video? I'm not sure where to get Double 8mm film for the Siemans movie camera.;)

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