5 Beginner Photography Mistakes + How To Fix

by admin August 31, 2018 at 3:54 am

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  1. Hey Everyone!!! Sorry for the audio in this one, my mic was low battery! BUT ANYWAY lol Question of the Day!
    What is your biggest photography tip? Is there anything you've figured out that you think is pretty cool??

  2. Highly recommend the 50mm prime lens from Canon. Picked might up for $100NZD so it's really affordable and gets you that beautiful shallow depth of field. The only real downside is that there's no Image stabilisation

  3. The biggest thing I personally struggle with is just the whole.. "why does my photography never get noticed" kind of attitude? I then worry that perhaps my photos just aren't any good and it turns into a downward spiral of just not feeling motivated to take photo of anything at all. If there is one thing you could suggest to combat this what would it be? I've been doing photography for near on ten years, from 16 to now 26 and just feel so deflated with it and uninspired to create anything.

    It sucks so much, photography used to be my escape and my way to express myself but when you start looking at the lack of likes, shares, comments, favorites or heck can't seem to sell a print of your work it really starts to take it's toll.

  4. even though I'm sorta new in the photography game, even I know about the #9 photography mistake since I'm into controversial photography, like my #1 controversial photographer, Tyler Shields !

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