5 questions a beginner photographer decided to ask me

by admin August 16, 2018 at 2:19 am

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  1. Very interesting and informative. I especially found the part about paying models and agencies particularly useful. That is a my main problem at the moment in a rut. The agency part actually applies to a magazine list of requirements and terms and conditions for submissions. I don't think I would be agreeable to what is demanded but some other parts seemed off to me but this helped me to understand why it seemed off to me.

    I completely agree though. Photographers should be more assertive, value their work more. Nobody should ever work for free.

    I must say though I found this timely and particularly helpful out of several of your video's.

  2. I love how Jessica tells us how she does everything and provides what she could to help us out, unlike other people who keep everything like it’s classified info lol. Thanks Jessica!

  3. Could you make a video of how you should size images when sending them to clients to choose from, or through email and stuff like that? (If that makes sense)

  4. Jessica. U are so gorgeous and funny and smart! I love your glasses too. Love the look. Ps. U should have a photography retreat. I would def go! It would be so fun and u would have fun too and make money

  5. Not sure if any other Australians experienced the same. But I found being in Australia, the 10% discount for Squarespace is pointless as the gst ends up giving us only $3 off haha sucks.

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