5 Reasons to Buy a Canon 6D Mark II – A DSLR with Mirrorless Capabilities

by admin August 27, 2018 at 3:07 am

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  1. I understand you like Canon color over Nikon, that is your preference, your opinion. Other photographers prefer Nikon color, no right wrong here, just personal preference..My point is in one of your old previous videos you sound so sure you're right about Canon produces the best and right color over any other brand.. Please make it clear that is just your opinion because Nikon users will disagree you on that. After all, you also shoot Nikon ( gave praise to your Nikon D500 ).

  2. I love the articulating screen on my Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)!
    I use it almost every time I use the camera. I've used it while shooting stars (my tripod is quite short and so I use LIVE view to shoot, or while doing long exposures at night. I find it immensely useful!
    Good review. Thank you for the video.

  3. Thanks again for a great review. I have a 6D Mk1 that I am seriously considering trading for a Mk2 for the touch screen and dual pixel autofocus. I also have a lot of Canon L glass that I can move over to the new system. So I can do fantastic stills and video in one camera with very good color and ergonomics. Most reviewers totally ignore ergonomics when talking about Sony and Nikon.

  4. You're not wrong because you're a good Photographer. A good Photographer can take great pictures with whatever he has. I know this camera is not bad, but certainly match the rivals so people hate this

  5. Here's another point in favour of Canon cameras: Magic Lantern.
    Magic Lantern firmware adds so many features to Canon cameras. My favourite one is the Intervalometer. I have zebras and focus peaking (not the best, but good enough) on my 1200D, an extremely budget camera, thanks to ML. 6D Mark 2 doesn't have a port yet, but it's a matter of time I think. It's open source so anybody with the knowledge and skills can contribute.
    Edit: My cousin just messaged me to say that he is buying a 6D Mk2 for astrophotography. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. You are the reason I bought a camera & started to shoot. I will always be thankful for that, not to mention I love your videos. Puts a smile on my face in a busy day like this.

  7. Very fair review Mattias. I preordered the 6Dii when it was announced and everyone said it's terrible. I couldn't understand what they were saying! It's been great for me. If they had put 4K in it it (or at least 4K out) it would have killed everything else on the market. But it's great either way! Can't wait for a mirrorless version of it with 4K! WITH an articulating screen!!! 😉

  8. Such a refreshing break from the the typical photography channels who rained fire down on Nikon for the past few days. Thanks for once again reminding us that older gear in the right hands still has plenty of value.

  9. The canon 6dii is a great camera, but for the price tag, people would pick the Nikon D750 or the Sony A7iii over it. I don't think they hate the camera, they hate how much it cost

  10. Great job on this my man I really appreciate it, I've always shot micro 4/3 and never had the chance to try DSLR so this really hits me too this model has all Canon camera start looking the same LOL it's good to know that unique differences. Respect

  11. 02:37 "Sadly it's fully articulated." Absolutely!
    I just can't bear working with a flip out screen like Canon and Panasonic (I use those as examples as people tend to get mixed up when discussing screens).
    So, for photography…I am working in a fast paced, pressurised situation, often in a confined space. I have the camera at my eye and I see that I need to shoot quickly from a low angle.
    With the flippy out screen I will need to bring in my left hand, pull it out from the back, flip it around, re-align it, then I have to constantly look to my left away from the direction of my subject. Then if I 'think' I may need to shoot from low down again very soon I have to make the decision to leave it out, which in a lot of situations makes me conspicuous… or alternatively I re-align, twist and place it back in using two hands…then quickly I have to pull it out, twist, re-align and look away again…or leave it out which also nearly doubles the width of the camera…then repeat and repeat….or alternatively I spend the next 20 mins with the screen permanently out like an idiot.
    With the current Sony a6500 screen for example, and the screen on the a7iii/a7Riii I can lower the camera very quickly and ease the screen out with a finger, then back with a finger if I wish to. I remain inconspicuous, the camera width is not affected and I don't have to walk around with the screen permanently out. It is massively quicker, massively more discreet and massively more convenient.
    For video the tilt out screen is even less convenient because you never shoot vertically.
    The only benefit I see with the tilt out sceen is for vlogging and the way I see it is that Vloggers have the voice, all over Youtube the (I won't say stupid, I say selfish) Vloggers are screaming for the flip out screen because it benefits them, in my eyes it certainly doesn't benefit photographers and filmmakers…it is a burden.
    Now all the above is my opinion and I do feel strongly about it, I am not saying others shouldn't feel strongly about a flip outs screen…but if you haven't used one in a fast moving stressful enironment then honestly be careful what you wish for.

  12. Mattias, I just can't sell my 5D Classic it just a fantastic camera. I too LOVE the 85mm 1.8, sharp as a tack, I run 3 lenses, a 20-35, 50 1.4 and my 85mm. The 6D is nice but no, not for me.

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