5 Tips for Shooting Seascape Photography

by admin October 18, 2016 at 3:33 am

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  1. Great tips! May I ask what kind of cloth do you use ? I recently bough travel microfiber towel and it just doesnt suck in that much of the water. Thanks for reply :)

  2. great video, man! always a fan of your work. you mentioned about cleaning your lens during a seascape shoot, but how about your camera body? do you cover it up with plastic or simply wipe it down as well? thank you!

  3. Nice tips, thanks. I have a question though. Concerning filters. Is there any time during the day you can think of, maybe a little after the sunset, when you can (try) do without filters? I have this (very rare for me) chance of shooting a nice seascape soon, but, for too many reasons tu number, I cannot afford to buy a nd filter before this happens.

  4. Michael, I noticed you didn't mention the 10 Stop ND Filter for doing Seascape shots which is what I have for my camera. Is that too much stopping down and why you recommend the 3 stop? Thanks, you're m,y go to guy for tips!

  5. Hey Michael, thank you so much for uploading this, it will be a huge help. Your seascapes have been a huge inspiration for me and I've been really trying to fine tune my photo-taking and editing processes and get it to look as epic as yours for quite a while now, and I'd say your stuff is the biggest reason I have been improving. If you wanted to see a few, I have them on my Instagram at @charlie.w.dickerson . Thanks so much for taking such amazing photos and sharing your methods with us. Keep up the good work!

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