A6300 VS GH4: Which Camera is Best For You?

by admin October 4, 2016 at 9:09 pm

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  1. it is very rare that i subscribe to a youtube channel but after watching a few of your videos you got me hooked. Are you using an adapter for that Nikon lens on your gh4 and if so what is it? Can you run Cannon lenses the same way?

  2. Great review – a very thorough comparison! I have the GH4 which I love for video, but miss the larger sensor for photos, so I am somewhat torn between these two cameras! Two other things to throw into the mix; if people are interested in filming in log format, I think the a6300's s-log starts at ISO 800, whereas the GH4's v-log l starts at ISO 200 [although it is an upgrade and you have to pay for it]. Also, a Speed Booster with the GH4 is great, although sometimes [ie outdoors in bright light] it almost lets in too much light and you need some sort of ND filter if you want to film at those wider apertures… :)

  3. Thanks for upload – very good comparison. I can only hope that Sony somewhere is watching your videos! I would prefer a slightly larger version of the 6300, but better ergonomics, touch-screen, headphone monitor, XLR unit etc. Maybe 6300 Mark 2?

  4. I have owned the GH4 and currently own the A6300.

    GH4 screen is miles better than the Sony (both with quality of the image and that it has touchscreen). The snony screen sucks totally and is the biggest downside. It even gets dimmer when shooting 4K so u can hardly see it at all outside (even if using the gamma assist feature) – total rubbish. Headphone output is nice on GH4. Thats it in terms of GH4 pro's.

    The image quality on GH4 for video and stills is better. The GH4 sucks in low light and isnt worth even bothering with. The sensor is so small that getting any nice blurred bokeh is a challenge.

    GH4 focussing sucks and is slow – Sony is super fast and just works well.

    Overall GH4 body build is better, but Sony is smaller and offers miles better actual image quality (the most important thing at the end of the day)

    I sold the GH4 because the low light capabilties were terrible. Its not that I go out shooting at dusk or dark all the time, but even indoors or random times in the day, you are forced to push the ISO up and getting crap results. The still photos are also just useless if you want use them professionally or sell them to agencies.

    Would be nice to see GH4 move away from the amateur micro 4/3 sensor size and make a Full Frame or even APSC

  5. Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful review. To my eye, the IQ on the a6300 is better, it simply resolves more detail. I was a bit surprised by this, but there it is. However, the overheating on long shoots on the a6300 is the big drawback. It's not very well known, but both the G7 and the GX85 have slightly better IQ than the GH4, and the G7 has a better crop factor, as well, which makes a real difference. The GX85 adds IS to the mix, which is a big deal for handheld. Both of these cameras are cheaper than the GH4; I can't see a reason to buy the GH4 at this point compared to the G7, GX85 or the newer Panasonics, unless you need to use PAL–if you need PAL, you can switch the G7 PAL to NTSC, but not the other way 'round.

  6. Hi great review 🙂 would the A6300 over heat in 25 degrees celsius (77 Fahrenheit) weather and would adding a little umbrella about the camera keep it cooler in sun light ? 🙂 Thanks :)

  7. I've shot over 35 weddings on 2 GH4 cameras they are amazing… we also shot the a6300 for about 4 min before it overheated and I tossed it in a lake along with our a7s/rii's

  8. i bought the a6300, lets shoot some sick ass shittt!!!!! yeeeeehhh buddy! I showed my dad the price and he got so mad.. I can't wait for it to get here 😀 congrats to me, thanks

  9. Incredible as usual, Caleb! For me, the GH4 anyday. I already made peace with the fact that in film, lighting is a requirement even if i have to pack 3 sun-guns for a table top set up each powered by a F970 battery.Enduring Jello effect is too much sacrifice to make.If i can also find the 6300 to rent for a day in my area, i'd try my hands on it too. Pretty small.

  10. A couple of years ago I went on a walking trip in Israel. I considered a GH4 vs. A7S. For me it came down to cost (GH4 << A7S), battery life (GH4 >> A7S), and video record time (GH4 >> A7S). Is the low light as good? Of course not, but if your reference is film, even the GH4 beats the pants off of film. I have never regretted my choice.

  11. A6300 only for cold countries….even A6000 over heats a lot while shooting under 25 degree Celsius…those are good cameras OR good 4th camera in our professional kit..sony making interesting specs not a practical mirrorless.

  12. Thanks for the review. I have the A7s which is the big brother of the a6300. It has some of the features that you found lacking in the a6300, and the full frame 35mm sensor paired with vintage prime lenses is an affordable way to get astonishing shots. But where you go Panasonic or Sony it's Canon that is being left in the dust with their refusal to add features that have become standard for other manufacturers.

  13. No mention of Sony's "menu" lol
    The Sony cameras in general have some amazing features, but in my book, if I can't count on it 100% of the time when I need it… I will gladly sacrifice the somewhat lesser yet still quite good in the right hands image quality of the "old reliable" GH4
    Sony's menus, battery life, overheating, etc is plenty of reason to leave it at home.

    With the GH4, you can forget to charge your batteries and show up for a small job and still be alright. That can be a real life saver… Or so I've heard *ehem

  14. This is not even a true comparison – GH4 is higher-end camera and operates in the $1500 and Sony is sub $1000. The right comparison is Panasonic G7 and A6300.

  15. This video is great, should I wait until Gh5 coming out or buy a gh4 now? Gh4 is worse in slow motion compared to sony a 6300 also more noise when shooting in the dark.

  16. Thanks Caleb great comparison – I need to get a vlogging camera for an event company I'm working for 4K is not essential but AF and audio are what would you recommend.

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