Angry Photographer: PART 2 Secrets inside your Nikon DSLR. OMG, that much stuff?!

by admin September 24, 2016 at 8:27 pm

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  1. Don't like you much, but i am super impressed by your in debt ''(In-depth) Knowledge Grimes ''the angry photographer's brother'' corrected me. . Seriously. Sheesh you broke down just about the entire internal Camera without blinking. Awesome ! Very impressed !

  2. That shutter material you shown usl is from the Roswell ufo craft, Nikon bought all, or most of it, before anyone from
    the Canon company could get there grubby hands on it… but unfortunately Nikon says this material will 'run out' by 2017
    so buy Nikons best camera's now, especially the D810 ! !

  3. Did you tell them never to approach the big capacitor for the build-in flash? At least enough energy in their to make you drop the whole thing… 😉
    Edit: of course you can discharge it if you know how…

  4. are some of the nikon sensors interchangeable? D70 to D90 etc…I won my D90 on ebay yesterday yeehaw and my wife wants to get into photography we me now. all because of your videos sparking a new interest in photography.

  5. I picked up an old film camera for $5 just for the pentaprism.  Pretty cool chunk of glass.  Would love to get all that paint and stuff off of it.  Would make a cool paperweight..or just chunk of glass.

  6. Mister Angry Photographer, thank you for another enlightening video. While you're at it, would you care to show us the viewfinder/ pentaprism etc?
    I suppose there's no magical way of removing dust in that area, is there? =(

    By the way, tokina 100mm 2.8 macro is absolutely amazing!!!!!
    I have had mine sitting on my D7100 for a few weeks now. I simply can't find a reason not to use it. I have had so much fun with it!!! =)
    I wanna share some photos with you (and/or the community) I just need to find the time to organize and make a small selection.

    Take care Ken.

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