Beginner Photography MISTAKES – What to avoid to take better photos

by admin August 28, 2018 at 3:22 am

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  1. I am a big follower of the Expose To The Right (ETTR) principle – I shoot raw, and I intentionally stack the histogram to the right. Nikon cameras have a lot of flexibility in this regard. I've accidentally overexposed by 5 stops and was able to pull it back. ETTR really does help, the whole idea is optimizing the signal to noise ratio. It requires a bit of work in editing, but the images that result are worth it! It's far better to overexpose and pull back rather than underexposing and pushing up. The underexposing and pushing up often adds noise!

    The other tips I see here I agree with 100%.

    One I can add – verify that you actually have memory cards. I went to a shoot and did not have a single memory card for my camera. I had to rob one out of another camera. (at least I had a backup)

  2. and the best part is in a mirrorless camera you can see the histogram right in the viewfinder no excuses when its right in front of you. also lets all hope that in 10 years time sensor stabilization is so good you wont need a tripod i think that would all makes us very very happy

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