Best Free Photo Editing Software 2016

by admin June 16, 2016 at 5:25 pm

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  1. I've checked out Gimp but I'm not interested in advanced techniques(too much to learn!), I'm more interested in simplicity, ease & speed to create photos for online etsy selling. Which one is best for me if I just want collage a few images together, to add a watermark, & to create white backgrounds?  I need free too! Thanks. Oh, your link to Fotor doesn't work.

  2. I'm looking to take figures from several different photos and have the appear in a single image. I'm not very worried about blending or feathering the borders between the added bits and the background. It is merely for composition so that I can then use the final image as a reference for painting. Picasa doesn't seem to allow me to do this. Krita and Gimp look like they might. Does anyone know if they will and if one is easier than the other for this process alone?

  3. This was a great help to me…………. It was also very well presented, very clear in sound and diction. I am subscribing to your page to learn more….Thank you my friend.

  4. I use Paint.NET (paint dot net) and it has plugin support that greatly increases its abilities that sets it closer to Gimp that has more learning curve. I also like Photoscape because it too can do so many edits, collages and batch editing like this Fotor. I am also aware of this program call Chasy's Draw IES. Its an obscure but powerful image editing program whose basic functions I think can also compete with Gimp.

  5. I like your videos and rating system. Although I agree with your assessments of the free office and this free photo editor; I cannot believe you didn't include irfanView on this list.
    The list of features is very long; however, it does most of what any of the ones you covered here and has some of the best batch manipulation I've ever seen. It can be scripted through batch files for it's command line options to do some incredible things.

    One thing I've done is to re-size images from Office PowerPoint presentations. Select the image, copy it to the clipboard. Open irfanView and paste. Edit the image, re-size, crop, color correction, etc… copy back to the clipboard, and paste the edited version back into PowerPoint.

    Using TotalCmd to do an advance search of all *.JPG based on size greater than (for example) 5Mb. In TotalCmd search window, select Feed to List. Hightlight all the files and use the Copy Name with Path command to copy the list to the clipboard. Paste into Notepad and save as a TXT file. Inside irfanViews batch window, load from TXT file. Select the options to put the edited files back in the same folder they came from; and go. You can process files from 1 to dozens of folders deep in one shot, all going back to their originating folder.

    The batch processing also includes format change. Taking a JPG and converting to a PNG, or renaming, etc It plays videos, music, has plugins for displaying PDFs, and so much more.

    Give it a look, and I believe you'll include it in the next video.

  6. Thank you for all the info on free editing software. I am shopping around for programs, as I am experiencing problems with my old Microsoft Digital Imaging 2006 Suite; some photo thumbnails in the library come up as gray boxes. Yet, the photos are visible after clicking on them. While some folders show photo thumbnails, but when clicked on, a super tiny photo pops up. So weird. Perhaps the software is now too old. Also looking at possibly buying Lightroom. Investigating is tiring. I hope your tooth feels better.

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