Canon 10-18mm Vs. Nikkor 10-20mm Shootout (With Wide Angle Photography Tips)

by admin November 27, 2017 at 3:12 pm

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  1. I use the Canon lens and it's great despite being cheap as chips – sad that Nikon have closed out users of older/ cheaper cameras AGAIN this from the company that was once proud that all Nikon glass would fit the F mount… Nikon user since 1977…..

  2. The reason why I – and millions of others – still shoot Canon : the lenses. The 10-18mm is perfectly good and cheap as chips. Fuji owners have to shell out nearly a grand for the same. Yes the Fuji is better made, but the best lens is the one you can afford to buy.

  3. Great review as usual.. Love you guys. I am actually using the 10-18mm adapted to a Sony a6000 the auto focus isn't great, but with the focus peaking it works pretty well as a lightweight fourth camera setup that is super cheap and extremely lightweight.

  4. I love shooting wide. My favourite lens was 17-40mm (full frame) for many years and rarely went past 25mm.
    I always had a problem composing for any kind of portrait ratio though.

  5. 10-18mm is not very good against bright light – that green flare has ruined many of my shots. When shooting towards Sun, I always switch to 18-135, which handles it much better.

  6. Hello Jordan how are you? I'm curious what kind of Wireless lapel Chris is using here, in the opening shots I heard some hiss at times which is unusual. I ask because I've reviewed a very affordable good sounding one on my channel recently and I'm trying to see the differences between high end and consumer-grade models. Also I think a fun idea for an episode would be for you and Chris do a head-to-head competition with photography and video. you both might realize you know more than you give yourself credit for each other's discipline. Now let me get back to watching this episode. Peace

  7. I think you should have mentioned the 10-18f4 Sony , its sure not cheap. Atleast f4 though. And , AS af isnt all that important with mirrorless and wideangle, the samyang 12mm f2 is really worth mention ing. Fixed at that angle is a versatility concern and 2mm matter, but ID take that lowlight ultrawide any day over these2

  8. As a long time ultra wide angle lens fanatic, I'd like to offer some advice that I find really helps:

    Treat UWA lenses in a similar way to how you would treat a fast prime wide open, only instead of isolating your subject in focus, you are isolating the subject in space.
    Don't try to capture an entire scene like a panorama, that will just look flat, lifeless and boring.
    Find a subject for your photo, like a tree, stone, fence post, and use the wide lens to push everything else in the image way back.

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