Canon 80D vs Lumix G7: Photo & Video Comparison

by admin March 1, 2018 at 9:17 pm

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  1. This review is just rubbish, using 'auto ISO' on a comparison of two cameras makes this video unserious. Same as the case of light – It is truth, that smaller sensor makes less blur on areas, which are out of focus – But it is such a nonsense to say that there's different level of light on the same apertures on different cameras. In conclusion – I appreciate that you've put work into this video – But there's so much of nonsense, which you've not explained/just skipped, that this video only puts potential viewers into misunderstanding.

  2. I also have both these cameras.
    Though I was able to get my 80d from canons online store for 779.00 with 18-55 lense.
    My lumix has the 14-42 and I got that for 497.00 on sale at bh photo with camera bag and 32g sd card.
    I really like both, but the canon wins for both video and stills, while the g7 does have 4K, it does not have close to the 80d dual pixel af which is best in class it truly is fast.
    The problem with the g7 is when focus is on its 4K is great, but when focus is off just abit, well canons 80d with dual pixel af and spot on focus beats it.
    You can have all the resolution in the world but if the image is out of focus it ruins it.
    The canon is a camera that you never have to worry about that its focus is that good.
    As I have learned in my short time with my cameras, it may look good on your cameras display, but when you download the footage to your computer, that’s when you see if the image actually was in focus or off alittle.
    With the 80d I never had to worry with the g7 and even the Sony a6300 I had and returned I did have to be aware of that.
    Now if canon would just put 4K in these cameras they would be king again.
    Oh and pics I also thought looked good in both, but canons color was better and it was better in low light.
    I shoot 1080 anyways as it’s easier to edit and takes up less space,also,most people view these videos on thier phones so you really won’t notice the difference on you mobile device.
    Most big youtubers still shoot in 1080 and some even still shoot in 720-60 which I was surprised to see and honestly would not have noticed if I wasn’t looking for it.

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