Canon T6 vs Nikon D3300 – Which is the best beginner DSLR?

by admin May 20, 2016 at 5:02 pm

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  1. I wouldn't recommend any Canon camera to anybody, all of them are behind the competition in numerous ways. The only exceptions being the 5DS for pure resolution and the 1DX II for 4k at 60, that is impressive, I also like Canon's live view video focusing on the 80D etc, but they are still lacking in more important areas. For video a DSLR shouldn't be what you are looking to buy anyway. If I am paying money or steering someone else's decision I want to get the best bang for buck, and that's not Canon with their older sensor technology.

  2. chris instead of the canon T6/1300D i would have a look at the canon SL1 /100D its cheaper, has a touch screen, headphone jack,much better video AF, 4 FPS burst and spot metering , and is more compact and feels a bit better made……..

  3. Does anyone think the Nikon 3300 is better with no wifi? I seem to prefer Canon, but this Nikon is a good price. Also, is the giveaway worldwide?

  4. I understand this is a beginners oriented review, still you should have mentioned that the Nikon does not have a low pass filter and that for photo, the image quality from the 24mp sensor is amazing.

  5. Have you ever had a Canon SL1 (100D)? It's my first (and only so far) DSLR and I found that it's a perfect entry level camera. Even though the T6 is newer, it seems like the SL1 is good for portability, and it has a touch screen and a headphone jack which the T6 seems to not have

  6. Great comparison. I bought the D3300 in January and its been a fantastic beginner DSLR. You're are correct however about the noninclusion of WiFI as I'm having to take around a small USB card reader and adapter for my phone which isn't ideal or fast. In a few months I'll be looking to upgrade as I already feel its 'bottlenecking' my images. I'll mostly be shooting nighttime landscapes and then the odd Boxing match. What would you recommend? New lens or full body with kit?

  7. What would you recommend for a mirrorless camera for a beginner, as I am looking for something which is a little more portable than a traditional DSLR. If that makes any sense.

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