Canon vs Nikon… VS SONY! (2018)

by admin August 28, 2018 at 2:14 am

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  1. I have had easier decisions buying anything but a camera. I keep going around and around Nikon or canon, I just want to take better pictures of wildlife and landscapes. I’ve outgrown my Sony hx400v.

  2. Canon lenses are not old. Take a look at any red carpet shooting. 70 percent Canon, 20-25 percent Nikon plus some Exoten. Most of The Times me 70-200 f2,8 Canon. So, they are not old, but very reliable professional tools.

  3. Very technical explanation of the differences between all three camera bodies, but I'll stick with my Canon even though Sony is coming on strong. Hard to believe all of the camera bodies, lenses and gear that you have tested and own. Do the camera manufacturers provide you product to test and then you can own it? When the new DJI Mavic Pro models come out it will be interesting to see your reviews, especially with the new camera.

  4. I bought a D610 + 50mm 1.8 used for $800… Now give me a camera system that can give you Better or equal looking image quality on that price point. Mirrorless are just… BLOODY EXPENSIVE when you factor in the lens prices !

  5. Kind of sensor shifting: Bracketing on Nikon cameras and stacking them. You are guaranteed to be one pixel off even on a tripod and it gives a lot cleaner image, even the D3 could do this.

  6. Sorry I freaked out on a post I sent you but deleted it since I figured it out. however, my next question is, should the sony a73 jolt when I turn it on? and when its on my desk and I pick it up, it jolt also

  7. I don't know, it looks like the companies only care about the technology rush and the lastest innovation rather than creating a genuinely good product. I wish each company had a "bare bone" model for people like me and many others who only want the essentials. No wi-fi, no touch screen, no connectivity, no video. Only a great sensor in a comfortable body, and that's it. Like a Nikon DF, but better.

  8. Sony seem to be positioning themselves to be the future. Whatever the issues with mirrorless (e.g. focusing performance, EVFs etc) they are either solved in certain models or soluble. What are Canon and Nikon going to do about their 40+mm FFDs when mirrorless becomes the dominant body type even for pros? Make their mirrorless cameras unnecessarily deep to accommodate the current lenses or have adaptors to allow their existing lenses to be used?

    Neither is a wonderful prospect.

  9. Tony and Chelsea … first of all thanks so much for your youtube channel , for sure is a gift to photographers and filmmakers all around the world !!! ;D
    I am from Japan near of Tokyo and i would like to ask you , if you can do one video comparison between the mid-size DSLR/ Mirrorless apc-s cameras around 1000$ or a little more because nobody did yet .
    Most of people like me come from a beginner Camera to a Semi-pro , from hobby to some paid jobs for Video work/Photo and some few paid gigs , like party , events some portraits … hybrid shooters in general , and have 4 cameras in the market which make people think a lot before buy … is Canon 80D , Nikon D7500 , Sony A6500 and FujiFilm X-T2 .
    Again thanks for your time and your show !! always helping so much beginner and pros in the field .
    Cheers from Japan ;D

  10. Can someone just please tell me what camera to get! :((( I’m so tired of watching all these reviews! Lol I’m a young woman in my 20s, I shoot mostly for fun when traveling, some artsy fartsy shots, etc. I currently have Sony a6k with a zeiss 1670 lens. I like it, but the body is starting to trip out on me, and I don’t want to really stick with Sony because of the expensive lenses. What’s next? Can anyone recommend? I was thinking to get fuji xt20, but I also always wanted to try canon, but not the bulky slr’s. I’m stuck.

  11. About the bodysize thing: Some people think that the size advantage from the Sony is complete bs due to large glass… However if you stick that large glass on a larger body, you will still have a larger camera. If you need the large glass to do your job then you do.

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