DSLR Tutorial: How to shoot in Low Light (at night) & how to reduce noise!

by admin January 15, 2018 at 3:12 am

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  1. How to take photos when there's 75% of low light in the room? Lets say, I want to take a photo of a small teddy bear with the with the christmas light on the back of it(in a bokeh effect) so please tell me how to capture sharp image?

  2. thanks…i have a nikon D810 and my videos look much better since i watched your informative videos,,,but i still have one problem . i don't know which in camera noise reduction setting should i use? off,low,normal or high? which one do you recommend?

  3. well.. im using my brothers canon 700D but… i suck … even trying all things (aparture, iso, etc) between the numbers u said… ffs this shit is all blurry in mine (right settings) 2:13 although i can go lowwe than f/4.0….

  4. Great video. But one thing I don't understand – "shutter speed between 1/30 and 1/50"? But this is video, measured in FPS – 24, 30, 60, etc. How does the 1/30 come into it? 1/30 is shutter speed for still shots, not video, isn't it? A bit confused here.

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