DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras As Fast As Possible

by admin July 6, 2018 at 9:42 pm

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  1. My eyes are bad, I can only focus on close. An image displayed on a digital screen in front of me is way nicer then looking at a really fuzzy image in a DSLR view finder.7 Also, I have a nurvouse system problem that makes my muscles tired. So the lighter mirrorless is definitely better

  2. I think mirrorless is a great concept, i shoot pics and will stick with the DSLe for now. Better auto focus, more lens choice and heaps more battery life means I'm struggling to justify the cost for a smaller camera body that in all honesty doesn't bother me considering the size of the lenses i shoot withe

  3. Before watching: You are going to say "mirrorless are better" wich is not true btw. Have you ever seen a professional photographer with such a small camera? No. That's what i thought?

  4. I really hate not having a real viewfinder. The electronic viewfinders are hot garbage. I really like the mirror viewfinder as it gives you the clearest possible view of what you are shooting.

  5. What exactly is dslr camera good for? I mean if it's for contrast n controlling light or something then can't we do that in Photoshop as well??? I do wanna buy dslr camera but still I'm confused of its use.

  6. If you had the same camera guts (sensor, screen, lenses, shutters, etc.) and the only difference was lens or no lense, wouldn't the performance be exactly the same? And why don't they just make twin models, one mirrored, one mirrorless? Sharing batteries, card slots, lenses, etc. Seems like external stuff like mounting points could be identical.

  7. I'm suprised this video, while well done, hasn't been yanked for copyright violation unless all those stock images were paid for/copyright free in which case congratulations! you must have a big budget

  8. "Published on Mar 26, 2016" This video was outdated the moment it was published!
    I don't know about the rest, but Sony's a7rII viewfinder is perfect – there's no other word for it.
    Feature-wise … again Sony pack a ton of features in their mirrorless lines (yeah that burdens the menu a bit, but you'll get used to it), so again saying mirrorless lack features is plain wrong!
    I feel he's talking only about cheap low-level mirrorless to draw conclusion for the whole technology.
    The only thing they were lacking is the choice of lens, but these days that's covered too … well, for a price unfortunately. But adapters (at least for Sony's E-Mount) also get much better.

  9. Yeah, battery life is a big thing for me.. Leave the camera hang around for the day and BOOM something happens and my camera is ready without having to turn it on or exchange the battery. And that standby is a major thing dslr's offer because no energy is needet to put an image in the viewfinder..

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