Editing Landscape Photography (Panoramas and HDR)

by admin May 15, 2017 at 1:44 am

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  1. Great Video, Sean. The moves you made in PS were really informative and helpful. However, I would think the copy and paste functions could have proved quite helpful in LR.

  2. Hi, Sean. I find your work inspirational. Your videos and art, approach and presentation are superb, however, if I may be so bold, there are some parts of your Lightroom workflow (in particular)that you could speed up with a few, easy things that will mitigate more work than you needed to really do.

    First was manually trying to match all 3 of your Panorama exposures essentially by hand and eye. An easier way is to just select all 3, then sync settings by using the option that appears in the right hand corner under the Global and Local adjustments control panel when you have 2 images selected.

    Also, unless you had a reason you wanted to export t a TIFF to import into light PS later, if you wish to open any RAW image direct from Lightroom, simply press ctrl + E. This will open the RAW/NEF or whatever directly in PS with all the current Lightroom settings applied without the need to export any image before hand. Saving time and disc space.

    Hope that's of some help. If not to you, then maybe for others.

    Love your work.

  3. Excellent video as always, the way you put things over just makes things so clear and memorable. The one question I do have however is would it not have been easier to merge each exposure set to panorama first and then merge the three pano's to HDR, thus eliminating the need to match each HDR prior to merging to panorama?

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