How I Film & Edit | My Photography Equipment, Setup & Tips

by admin July 28, 2016 at 4:28 am

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  1. This is brilliant thank you!!! I've been on YouTube a couple of years but have really started to want to film lots and am enjoying it so much especially now my baby is here. So I decided to invest and upgraded my camera with a good lens. I think I am going to buy a soft box xxxx

  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this is something you already know but when you were talking about the differences in the f-stop numbers in the 50mm lenses and saying how sometimes a shallower depth of field can be a disadvantage, you can actually control your aperture on your DSLR. So you can raise the f-stop number on the f1.8 lens if it does blur too much of the background. That's the great thing about DSLRs, they're so flexible! 🙂 But yeah idk if that helps or if that's something you already know. But loved the video! :D

  3. I don't know is canon has one in their range but I love my nikkor 35mm f1.8 lens, gives you beautiful depth of field and is probably my favourite lens. I also love 7dayshop for accessories like tripods and memory cards x

  4. I compared the G7X, Olympus Pen and Sony A5100 for vlogging when upgrading and ended up going for the Sony. It's almost the same as the Olympus but much cheaper. I film main channel videos on the 70D x

  5. I am currently using a Nikon Coolpix to vlog and film main channel videos on. I fancy investing in a new camera either the G7x or a DSLR like 700D, which would you recommend going for first?

    I loved this video, i never new what the differences were with lenses xx

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