How to photograph a beer bottle | Product photo shoot tutorial

by admin September 1, 2018 at 3:29 am

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  1. Hi Connor,

    Great tutorial by the way. Any tips on how to better photograph a ship in bottle? I'm a shipwright by trade and just completing a replica build of Titanic in a large 6 gallon bottle, I'm seeking tips on the best way to photograph and take video of the end result. You can see photo's at Thank you !

  2. This is a great video, nice to see your work flow. I find that the result couldve been better, the bottom part doesnt look to good,
    its too bright and the upper part seems as though its exposed differently, different tones (although that part doesnt have beer, it looks weird being much orange and darker than the bottom). Mid section looked great. All in all, its a good video to watch, just some details to make it a full homerun.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the great video. I am still learning studio lighting so forgive me if this is a total noob question, but is the benefit of using the flash lighting vs the continuous lighting in this demo because of your studio space? If you were in a totally dark room with no natural light coming in, could you do the same thing with continuous light and a longer shutter speed?

  4. Love your presentation! It was like you and me against the challenge and sort of learning together as we went. Never noticed the perspective tool before – must try that out. But first, I'going into my shed to explore bottle lighting despite having already done it for years. You never stop learning. Happy days. 🙂

  5. Hello! Nice tips to shoot beer bottle. Thank you! However, it seems you didn't talk about how did you accomplished the water drops on the front of the bottle in a way that they don't seem to change or move through all the photo shoot. Right? Is that a special mixture that you can share with us? Thanks

  6. hey man loved this video please make more, i've always been a little afraid of compositing in photoshop but this made it seem not that hard since i basically know all of the stuff you did in photoshop, keep creating this type of content man love it

  7. All is fine untill you realise that the light on the left is in a different position than the light on the right. because of that the bottle looks to be facing slightly off and not dead center.

  8. Definitely need to learn to mask the way you do to get the final composite as clean as yours! Great stuff. I’m new to lighting and have only used small off camera strobes; do are those lights just continuous lights or strobes or mixture? I feel like im missing something because they appear to be continuous to me but not sure.

  9. Nice shoot it basically underexposed enhacing the grain making it not replicable cuz you need to retouch the shit out of it. Sry mate but don’t do a tut on product shoots if you‘re not able to shoot it on film the same way. That’s not professional, that‘s just crap. Uneaven reflections, if you lit it right you‘d see yourself in the reflection and it’s asymmetrical af. That’s why some get payed 500 bucks for a product shoot and some 10th the amount. Quality matters

  10. amazing video, you're very good at doing and teaching all of these. my question is, if I had more lights (each light for the back of the beer, background, light for the label) , would it be necessary to do these blending photos in Photoshop or not?

  11. Amazing! just wondering why you are not using a remote and you shoot from the camera? Doesn't cause any register problems for the post? and I wondering kind of the same with the drops, how do you control they don't move? just wondering those things, but the final result…. no complains! it is great!

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