Introducing the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II: Video Features

by admin July 12, 2016 at 12:10 am

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  1. I have this camera, a GREAT piece of technical engineering from Canon but their " Flagship " Camera should have C-LOG.,
    it's " A MUST HAVE " for professionals and Canon need to ADD THIS AS A FIRMWARE UPDATE… without fail Canon we're all awaiting please !!!

  2. If Canon 5D mark IV will have as bad resolution in video as markIII had, millions of videographers will never buy any Canon camcorder/dslr camera. This is your last chance, Canon. And you must say thanks to Magic Lantern guys)

  3. I don't think the people commenting about the video features missing understand this thing is more for stills AND just so happens to have video features included. If you want a video camera with everything go buy a dedicated video camera lol.

  4. 6:50 – They finally put an AF-Lock function to compliment Dual Pixel AF!!! On previous DSLRs (70D, 7D Mark II) the AF-Lock required you to HOLD down the assigned button whereas for the 1DX II it appears you just press to toggle, which works better.

    Also you can most likely tap the touch screen on the bottom left icon that says "SERVO AF" to do the same thing but more silently and without disturbing the motion of the camera.

  5. I'm a Nikon shooter and was ready to preorder the D5 until Canon announced this. True 4K and what appears to be very usable autofocus. Yes, only 8-bit but for occasional shots and some small projects this is significantly better than the Nikon which can only shoot UHD and only for 3 minutes per shot. As for a still camera, which is what you really want this camera for, I cannot think of how it could be improved. Well, I'll have to see what the DR is for this camera but I'll assume for now that it is incredible.

  6. Holy crap i loved it 4K 60fps
    Gopro and Sony only do 4k at 30fps in action sport or even panning camera 30fps is too slow i don't want to use blur effect to mask slow fps like hollywood movie makers do
    But i think this a camera body cost something like 10 000e so i can only dream of it

  7. 1dx is pretty close to the 70d with 4k and digic 6 instead of 1080p and digic 5. This is why I have been pushing the 70d over the 7d mkii. so close in fact it seems like the 70d may have been a test camera for the 1dx.

  8. No focus peaking, no zebras, no c-log…., 8bit only…., not really enticing enough. Better choice will be 2nd hand units of 1dx mk1, and new sony a7s/rii bodies. Try again in 2020 canon. I'll still keep my 5dmkiii though. Hopefully you'll wake up in 4years, after we've all gone to Sony and Sigma…and Rokinon!

  9. it's a joke after 7 year no 4k full frame 10 bit via HDMI no 264 codec no canon S-Log to much cameras ..not full frame 4k crop factor basically it's old technology dressed as new for one plus dual focus at 6k add subtract the 1-DC has features like s-log 4k hdmi that 1dx mark ii omitted shame on you canon …. conclusion greed …..

  10. Amazing! Canon seems to think that serious photographers shouldn't use focus peaking and instead use crap touch screen servo focus! Too much waste of technology without a proper software… Also, what the hell! Cfast compatible like Blackmagic cameras, but can't record video with more than 8 bits of dynamic range, pathetic! Thank you canon, two years of market pressure to actually release something decent and that's the improvements you bring for videographers? If your top the line flagship was this joke, can't expect more from your 5D MK IV… Moving soon to Sony, good bye!

  11. Yes.. yes… But how many feet below sea level can it film in 1080/120p without a weather sealed lens? Those are features many of us are looking for, yet you have chosen not touched upon yet, I wonder why?

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