Landscape Photo Editing Session: Milky Way Panorama Workflow

by admin April 29, 2018 at 9:24 pm

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  1. I’m so glad I found someone else that ups the Vibrancy and Saturation yo tweak the WB. Been doing it for years. As you said, it allows the analysis of colours in the photo.

  2. Just what I needed after my desert Milky Way shoot from yesterday evening. I bookmarked this video and will come back to it over and over. I am starting with luminosity masks, but have one slight problem. I bought Luminance so know about the masks, but every tutor I have watched so far never tells us what key combination to use to actually use the masks. You can see it on the layers palet, and it can be selected or deselected, got that far, but where do you click or what do you do to actually see the selection on the photo in PS? My mask can be selected but I never can translate it to an actual selection. I think I must be mentally disabled for not grasping that little thing. Maybe you are the one who finally will tell me what I need to know… I hope that I can make my MW pop like you do, I was shooting in the wrong direction, as El Paso's glow can be seen from 60 miles away, but it was that or nothing. Thank you for the nice tutorial and the slow speed you use to tell us how to do it.

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