Landscape Photography | Conquering the Camera Settings

by admin August 29, 2018 at 3:43 am

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  1. Really well explained video Adam, its great for beginners out there, and I couldn't agree more..Manual mode, I know a lot of fellow landscape photographers use AV mode, but I prefer the full control of M

  2. Hello there what is the best Aperture for Landscape photography during the day and what is the best Aperture for Landscape photography at night?

    Also thanks for the great video 🙂

  3. Great video Adam. Inspirational and your videos have convinced me to get a super wide angle lens. I know you now have the 16-35 but I picked up a good example of the 17-40 second hand and well priced. It arrives tomorrow can’t wait to get out there.

  4. Hi Adam great video, ive always used AV priorty and been a bit nervous about going fully mannual but after seeing this im tempted to have a go with my Pentax K3ii. Just wondering about shutter timings do you rely on your camera or use any other means of calculating the speed ? best wishes Mark.

  5. Superb explanation of the camera settings for your landscape shots. Please continue to emphasize why you choose certain camera settings to get your beautiful photos. Thank you!

  6. Greetings Adam,
    This is second time that I've watched this video (first was back in September, 2017). I like your direct and simple approach in explaining your preferred settings. You have inspired me to take the leap away from Aperture Priority and explore Manual Mode when I shoot landscapes. Thank you!

  7. Actually I have 1300d camera and when I see preview in manual mode it shows darker visual and when I capture sometimes it comes Good and some time not… And another one is that when I use zoom feature and start to capture the captured one is not In the zoom level that I used…. Please tell me solution

  8. Appreciate the video and would encourage you to make more with the "setting for landscape" theme. Not understanding the setting is a big distraction and gets in the way of art. Thanks for the videos, keep up the good work.

  9. taking pictures in manual mode is the best option to learn and understand photography, thank you for taking the time to make this type of videos that are very illustrative for those of us who started taking pictures, congratulations. H.Huppertz

  10. Thank you Adam for a great video. Absolutely breathtaking scenery. I shoot in manual mode as well and love the "control" of the shot. I have used Av priority in the past and like this for some of my landscapes and wildlife as well. I do like both settings and do use live mode frequently to set up the shot as well allowing me to see the histogram so that there is less to do in post-production.

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