Landscape Photography Editing in Lightroom – Adobe Lightroom 6 Complete Photo Editing Tutorial

by admin February 26, 2016 at 11:05 am

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  1. hey there buddy. Just found you on here as i am just starting to learn lightroom. I subbed you and i am going to study all i can from you. I have already learned the basics of importing, organising into folders, creating collections, smart collections etc. I am now starting on the Develop module and beggining to understand the sliders and what they do. Great tut and keep it up. Do you do any on photography for begginers? I am getting into that too but never used a DSLR before or any other camera but keen to learn. Thanks.

  2. Another great tutorial YuriFineart, ….. I'm going to pass on this channel to my Facebook photography group. It just ticks all the boxes as a tutorial series and more. Thank you mate.

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