Lighting Outdoors, Photography Tutorial. Adding Depth on an Overcast Day

by admin September 10, 2016 at 8:00 pm

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  1. it would b helpful if u took the cam off of tripod and showed us your equipment as youre talking about it front and back, then cut the video to where its on a tripod again.

  2. Great video. Especially thank you for showing out your gear. Very helpful. Please make more videos esp. how to use those 622s with at least three lights and about
    how to use them with an HSS capable speed light such as the YN 568 EX II. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm a month into using 4 Yongnuo 560IV off camera with their trigger. I love the setup. It has made a huge difference. Happen to have the same soft box as well.

  4. have the strobe inside the softbox to get rid of the shadows ?? hahaha wtf. You clowns have no fucking idea. the size of your light source will determine the hardness of your shadows. with a shitty tiny little softbox like that at such distance set at a 45 degree angle you will get shadows you idiots. you guys are fucking clueless. a bunch of country hicks who understand a little bit about photography and you're posting tutorials ?? wtf

  5. Thank you guys, it was really useful. I'm just about to get a basic outdoors set and been thinking about a Youngnou flash and then I run into your video. Thanks for making my decision easier. Have great lights! :)

  6. You guys are awesome. I got a quick question. I'm doing a wedding and I was thinking about these flashes. I wouldn't be doing more than say 5 or 7 group shots. How many of these flashes do you think I would need? I have all the stands and I even have a light box light that ( a bit bigger). For larger groups like that- would it be a better idea to shoot into some 5 foot umbrellas? 


  7. Hey Noel, thanks for the info. I used a Yongnuo on the last bridal and wedding shoot. It was a little less power than the Nikon SB-800 I have, but does a good job for the price. As a new professional, what is the main way to market my business besides word of mouth?

  8. Noel, great tutorial….look forward to meeting and seeing you in person.  Michele and I are out of Holly Lake Ranch.
    She told me you were attending our meeting this Saturday. I think this group could use lots of your energy and knowledge.
    See you Saturday….Bring Brian if you want.  Thanks, Doc.

  9. thanks for the video. found the yongnuo 568 exii  with ettl and hss for $123.00 and the flash  2x softbox  and stands kit for $71.00. on ebay usa sellers..keep up the good work.

  10. Hello Noel!  Thank you so much for this video!  Just a couple of questions, what would be the ideal setup for a 60d?  I would like some flashes as well as the battery packs.  What do you recommend as an expert.  Thank you!

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