LIGHTROOM EDITING TUTORIAL — Singapore & Malaysia Photography

by admin September 3, 2018 at 4:08 am

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  1. Once again terrific video Joe. Love how meticulous you are and it shows in your videos/photos/workplace!!! jaja and work in general! Keep up the good work, looking forward to see what you got in stock for us in the coming months!

  2. Great video! It prompted to pull the trigger on the presets, but I can't make it work in LRCC (not classic). The program will say presets imported but none shows up. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that now LR uses .xmp instead of .lrtemplate files for the presets. Is there any way that you could re-export these presets as .xmp files? Thanks!

  3. Hey Joe, hope you're well! I use capture1, but i'm giving Lightroom a chance. Any tips on Classic vs CC … I went to download yesterday and didn't even know I had a choice until then! Would love to know what you think…

  4. OMG, it IS a 24 hour clock above the computer!

    Surprised you didn't mention the ability for hardware calibration on that Viewsonic monitor ^_^;;

    OOoooh, the NTG-4. And that external recorder is pretty!

  5. Hi, Joe. Love all of your videos ! Just a question, have you ever tried editing Fuji raw files on your smartphone ? I use an android but somehow I can't open the raw files on Lightroom mobile or even VSCO. Cheers

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