MACRO Photography Tips w/ Don Komarechka (Tony & Chelsea Live)

by admin August 12, 2018 at 2:01 am

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  1. I really love this show, but I wish that the pictures would be shown like just five seconds before the camera switches to another angle or the picture gets zoomed in and out like crazy. Just five seconds, so as a viewer you get the chance to actually see the picture and appreciate it. I don't say, it has to be five seconds of silence. You can still go on and talk about it. But in a show, that's an hour talking about pictures, please actually show the pictures. Thank you.

  2. Ok, Ive watched this episode and now i have to restart watching it all over again, but this time with pen and a notebook.
    The amount of information in this episode, very interesting. Thanks Tony & Chelsea for this great episode. And Don, you definitely Crushed It!
    Learned a lot today.

  3. Hello Tony and Chelsea. I have a question. I do a lot of 360 photography. I use a panasonic gh4 and gh5 with a samyang 7.5 mm MFT lens. The quality of the photo's i make isnt bad but i really want to go a step further. Can you guys advice me a DSLR in combination with a good wide angle lens for great results? Is the Canon 5ds (with lots of MP) a good DSLR for 360? Thanks. Regards, Chris

  4. This guy is awesome! Not only is his photography great but his passion for macro photography and ability to give such top notch feedback and advice that is so packed full of useful information is super inspiring as well!

  5. How come your guests all look like 2fps ? Kai was the same. Fix it please. I presume it is because thay are using broadband with a glacial slow upload speed, but still.. this is 2018. 4G LTE mobile woould blitz the upload link.

  6. Love Don as a guest. For him, may I suggest you guys pre select the photos? Because he goes into such detail, it would save time and we get to see more photos and listen to Donโ€™s input. Thanks!

  7. I loved the Moose Peterson callback. "You only need one shot to get it right.. blah blah" Tony: "Oh, you shoot in single shot mode?" "No, Nikon D5 in full burst mode"

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