Mastering The Lights Of The Night Sky – Lecture For Beginner and Intermediate Photographers

by admin September 4, 2018 at 4:05 am

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  1. good overall, but you should have mentioned that the crop factor needs to be taken into account when using the rule of 600/500/400 (I thought you were going to hit it when you mentioned full frame camera). A 50mm lens on a full frame becomes the equivalent field of view of a 75mm on a Nikon Crop, 80mm on a Canon crop or 100mm on a MFT. So 10 seconds on a Canon 5D becomes 5 seconds on a Panasonic G7.

  2. Very basic question here: Can you just clarify for me, that in post processing the foreground and background are two different exposures at different times? At 12:34, the foreground is just cut out and overlayed on top the background?
    Thanks for the video, I'd say it's the most informative one I've found for Milky Way photography.

  3. You are inspiring going to Chirripó coming weekend, hopefully will get the Via Lactea…the highest peak in Costa Rica and also darkest…. new moon… and I think star rain… hopefully I nailed!!!!!!!! YES!

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