My Current Photography Lenses & Camera For 2017

by admin February 2, 2017 at 3:21 pm

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  1. Hey Joe, nice video, i have one question, i own a canon 80D, i bought the sigma art 18-35 and im loving it. The only thing is that the lense is heavy, and without the image stab is getting a bit tricky if im shooting all day. Is it worth it to go for a 24-70 f4 IS lense?

  2. Great review thanks. I have 40mm stm and for me it perform better than the 50mm stm (one stop of light is not a big deal for me) so I sold the 50. I also replaced the kit lens with the 18-135 stm (got it with about 150$) not the nsno USM bcz I noticed they perform almost the same. I also have the 55-250 stm and I almost bought the Tamron 70-300 (just like you) but I got this with about 150$.
    I'm planning to switch to full frame (6d) may be In the next year. Any other recommendations?

  3. Joe, is it REALLY worth it to upgrade to the new 18-135 for a hobbyist, like myself, instead of a professional? I couldn't find even a white box online for less than $550. I have the old one, and I think it works for me.

  4. Thanks for the timely video. I ALMOST bought a Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 last night but thought I'd sleep on it. Now I'm glad I did. It's just tempting cuz it's less than half the price of the Canon 17-55 2.8. Oh well, decisions, decisions… I shoot mostly video but thought it might be a good walk around stills lens.

  5. Good guide Joe! For me, because I already have the 18-55 mm, I would acquire the 55-250 mm which is surprisingly sharper than 18-135 mm and 70-300 mm. And you end up with still two lenses, like having the other two, (18-135 and 70-300), but with a better sharpness. The other APS-C lens I would have, must be the 24mm. Then, the rest of them can be full frame lenses.

    But I'm not decided, because for APS-C system, in the future I will really consider moving to Pentax, which have a better range of great quality APS-C lenses (an universal lens mount system is very attractive to me). And, because I'm not into film, what offers Pentax in that zone, is enough.

  6. im having the same this gonna sell my sigma 17-50 ang replace it with a canon 17-55 since im not upgrading to FF the shrpness but the focus is horrible and the af and os button is frustrating. anyway thanks for this man..good luck to you and power and subscribers to the channel..

  7. Most owners of the Canon 80D or other APSC format models will probably go through a very similar lens upgrade process. Everyone will go through a different buy/sell/upgrade path, but nevertheless will end up at the end of the day with pretty much the same lens setup that you have. This is because most people go through the same cycle of looking at YouTube reviews and making buying decisions based on what they've found. So it's inevitable that they all end up in the same place. There are only a finite number of Canon lenses to choose from anyway – that is if you actually decide to stick with Canon (as a lot of people do). That's certainly the case with me. Canon really does have a captive user base – like it or not. That's just the way it is.

  8. If you are looking at medium format how does Fuji's new GFX suit? Maybe consider that instead. I shoot APSC too but only purchase full frame lenses for my eventual upgrade to a Nikon FX body. I also only purchase OEM Nikkor lenses instead of 3rd party. Sure, they are overpriced but compatibility now and into the future is assured. About the only 3rd party lens that is tempting me is the Tamron f2.8 15- 30, I've heard only good things about that particular lens. You mentioned a possible upgrade to the Sigma 105 macro lens from your current 50mm. I own this lens for my Pentax system but use it mostly on my E mount Sony manually with a cheap adapter. Whilst I'm not a fan of Sigma's offerings I will say the 105 macro is excellent. I focus manually with Macro anyway so it's auto focus capability is moot in my case. I think your decision to stick to Canon OEM glass is a good one. I'm sure there will be plenty of owners of Sigma and Tamron lens' triggering over this comment but frankly whilst they are getting better, neither offer me the confidence to purchase over the OEM lens whatever the savings on price. Lenses are expensive and I want them to last throughout many generations of future body updates. :-D

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