My EXPOSURE BRACKETING Camera Technique & Canyon Photography | The Landscape Photography Journals E7

by admin February 3, 2018 at 10:50 am

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  1. Hi Dave,
    Love your videos! Downloaded all the manuals from your website and studied them. Page by page i am wondering how amazing it is. It had to take so much effort and time to write them. They are super technical and detailistic. And you gave them for free… it is unbelieveable. I highly suggest everyone to get them too. As a next episode I would love to see the one for compression

  2. I really like your approach to explaining how to properly expose in the field for proper color and sharpness and color, tone capture. You go beyond what others do in explaining, which is refreshing. I can only get better by watching techniques such as yours in field situations. I appreciate what you are doing.

  3. Question about setting up the AE-L/AF-L to use as "lock" focus instead of shutter button. I have Nikon 610 so I only have the AE-L/AF-L. I have used this technique for a few years now. However, I have used in the AF-on setting. From your demonstrated 3 shot blending technique, each of the 3 shots will also have a locked exposure. Hence, I should change my AE-L/AF-L setting to AE/AF lock not just AF. Am I understanding this correctly?
    Also, this setting is more for non-movement oriented landscape shots, hence the AF should be set to S (single) versus a movement oriented shot (animal) when the setting should be C (continous). Thank you for your clarification. Your technique has opened my thinking in new ways. Thank you.

  4. It would be great if there was a cable release with function to change exposure setting so I would not touch my camera. I would also appreciate option to shoot bkt in custom setting …. for example -2 / -1 / +0,3 or any other exp. compensations

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