Nikon D5100 beginner basic guide part 1 Info screen settings tutorial

by admin July 26, 2016 at 6:14 am

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  1. On my camera Nixon d5100 the focus mode is blacked out and stuck on MF. Do you know why it is blacked out and where I can turn it back on so the setting can be changed?

  2. I also have a d5100 but the AF-area mode on my dlsr has more options to it, namely dynamic area AF and 3D tracking (11 points). could you tell me how is that different from the two options you talked about ?

  3. I know this is an old video, but damn this was helpful still!
    I'm running around with my (by now, old) Nikon D5100, starting out doing photography more and more, and this video really helped me out in explaining a whole lot!

  4. i have a 5100 and an external monitor, Aputure brand but the camera only records on the flip lcd screen and not the external monitor, what do you think the problem is??

  5. At 0:42, you have all the available settings you can change. In my case I only have the capacity to change the picture size, flash and Auto focus setting. Only around 5 options are available to me whereas for you all the settings are open and changeable. Can you help me?

  6. Hi,I have a nikon d5200 with 18-55 vr lens,bt when I take pictures they are clear and sharp but can you tell me how to get that blur background with only the object highlighted,I get such images only if I the object is close by or I take close up pictures,

  7. Arghhhhhh tooo many options…I guess that's what happens to people like me who are so use to snapping pictures off of camera phones and then upgrade to a real camera 

  8. Hey man I have a nikon d5100 and I was wondering if you could help me out I do animation on YouTube and I had perfect settings to stop the flicker but now the flicker is back I need perfect settings for the camera to do stop motion animation settings can u help me out 

  9. I don't know how you selected Image size.   I saw you make several attempts to do it and then you were finally successful.  I do not know what button your were pushing.  

  10. please tell me  why my aperture count is not going lower than 5.6 ??????????/  i have tried everything and what the hell this thing means ????????    like    30'' and 28''    like numbers in inverted comas ???????????????  please help me 

  11. Great video! However I note that there are some differences in my menu despite owning the same camera. Perhaps firmware updates have changed things around. 

  12. Hello everyone i really need some help, i have the Nikon d5100 and when i look thru the view finder the focus points aren't there every time i move the focus points to the right left or up, down only a faint light starts to appear. : 

  13. I have the Nikon d5100 and love your tutorials.  By far the best on youtube.  The most difficulty I have is photographing indoor sports.  I have yet to get a decent pic of my son playing basketball.  Do you have a vid with tips on indoor sports shooting with the d5100?   If not, anything quick that you could suggest?  Thank you fine Englishman!

  14. I have this camera! You can see my test videos on my channel mostly 1080p 24fps videos with different settings of my cats. Awesome overall camera!

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