Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera – Many Accessories

by admin August 12, 2016 at 9:06 am

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  1. Non-OEM batteries [can be] just as good or better than the expensive OEM battery.  Nikon OEM battery is 1030 mAh several non-OEM are 1500 mAh at 1/2 the price; meaning they will last longer.  The Battery Grip kit with [two] extra batteries is very nice, but (sadly) the cable prevents use of the WU-1A WiFi adapter and some remotes.   

  2. Yes, the battery grip with 2 batteries give more run time. Or you can use one battery at a time, and allows for easy battery swap when the first battery is low because of the back access (and this is how I am using it right now).

  3. I just purchased the same camera about a week ago. My first DSLR. You videos are very helpful and hurtful… I see I am going to spend alot of money. LOL. The battery grip holds two batteries and uses them both giving you longer time correct?

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