Nikon D850 Hands-on Preview

by admin August 27, 2017 at 5:36 am

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  1. Hii .. please suggest me your own Review about 4k video recording on sony A 6300… because so many youtubers Facing heating problem during 4k video recording …please. sir Review this

  2. Someone below says Canon is better??? LOL!!!! are you smoking crack!!!! Canon's latest offering is a sack of overpriced shite!!!! compared to everyone else!! I guess some people prefer logo's over features 🙂

  3. It looks like it is going to be a capable DSLR camera, but I fail to understand your last comment about innovation, I don't see anything here that is not out there already in the market with Sony and Fuji offerings….Nikon has blended together in one body parts from other Nikon cameras to create a nice DSLR, innovation ?…not really

  4. Most sports shooters will understand what it means to double the pixel density, and the necessity to more or less, double the shutter speed to get the crispness required when photographing motion. Hence the reason the big D's have crept up slowly in megapixels. If you can't push the ISO over 12k to get those insane shutter speeds, the images will be soft. This, is still a studio camera, even more so than the 810. Great specs, but an incremental step in Nikon's predictable product progression.

  5. On live view contrast af? Only 3fps in silent shooting? No focus peaking for pictures and 4k video? No USB charging? No ibis? Really?

    Sony a99II is still sooo much better camera, and at lower price. With the difference you can get a fantastic zeiss glass to it.

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