Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Mirrorless vs DSLR ULTIMATE FIGHT!

by admin August 5, 2018 at 1:22 am

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  1. the bokeh on this video is almost too intense? something looks a little odd and i cant put my finger on it. Super wide angle lens? Anyways love your channel tony and chelsea you guys are amazing.

  2. There is no single winner, image quality will determine and both has the same image with slightly towards Nikon, video aside. Both are definitely winners over Canon. Beginners might be tempted by the Sony and others with the Nikon for lenses availability and prices. There is no gap left between the mirrorless to the dslrs

  3. Cmon guys. Why can't nikon fan boys accept the fact that sony invested so much in rnr for their mirrorless and their innovation is beyond to nikon. Nikon is like old nokia, they don't innovate that's why they are lagging behind in mirrorless.

  4. You are clearly shills for Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, Cannon, Hasselblad, Pentax, Olympus, GoPro and DJI. Oh did I mention Phase One shill. 🙂

  5. I have the Nikon, but simply because I'm tied to the NIkon world. I only have 3 lenses and can't afford much more than that. Got my D810 a long time ago and the upgrade to the D850 seemed like a no brainer.

    Looking at your videos, it seems like the Sony would be a bit better than the D850, but changing brands would be a major expense for me, and can't afford it.

  6. Interesting. Thanks for this. I think you're sponsored by Kodak 🙂 I love the quality of the video (sharpness, focus), so that is a 'win' for Canon.

  7. I pick the sony R3 as with ibis I can adapt all my manual glass. I prefer a lightweight camera & attached with light manual primes its far more ergonomic and I have small hands. I came from an SLR background and the EVF is a paradigm shift + they are getting better. Customization on sony means I can setup the camera to my hands & needs. Lens adaptability particularly if one does a lot of manual focus and composition work – one has access to all the vintage gems at very low price points – mirrorless is a more advanced system – the DSLR was the transition from film slr to electronic. The mirror has no value now that EVFs are much better & batteries have improved to power them. Also a huge shift to see what the sensor does – changes the way one composes.

  8. I was the biggest Nikon fan… But when it came time to upgrade from D750 to the D850 and the fact that it was out of stock for 6 months and A7R||| was $100 cheaper and had offered student discount and BH and Adorama had it in stock, I had to give it a shot. By the time the 850 was available I had sold all my Nikon stuff and bought Sony. In the long run, the Sony system is way more expensive. Because of this, I had to rethink my camera bag for my style of shooting. I had the holy trinity for Nikon now, I just use a 35 f1.4, 85 f1.4, 16-35 f4. The 70-200 would be nice but not necessary. I say the EVF is worth the jump and everything else is a bonus. The battery could be better. It takes 2 batteries to shoot a wedding.

  9. Timely vid now that Nikon is finally introducing a new mirrorless system. Let’s see how they address some of the shortcomings of the DSLR. IBS and on sensor AF is really the big deal here. But if you’re a stills purist you don’t need them.

  10. Today, your judgements are so close. But DSLR market has been shrinking steadily, and mirrorless market has been booming. I am looking forward to see the same test in two year with the top models of these two companies. Yep, I am expecting to see the clear winner.

  11. Awesome comparison about 2 of my favorite cameras and i recently transcended to Sony! On another note:

    As a born and raised puertorrican, i am eternally grateful that you two visited and help get the message about Puerto Rico conditions. Muchisimas Gracias

  12. i was convinced i would move from Nikon D3300 to the D850. But since i was replacing everything i looked into it more. 1 important thing was full frame. ended up doing what i never thought i would do and went for the Sony a7R3. I had no lens to adapt . there were a number of factors, some were Sony specific, some could have been covered by any mirror-less. one big one was putting a 2x converter on a x – 400 lens (nikon 80-400, sony 100-400) while with Nikon you lost auto focus, with Sony you still had auto focus. Once i had my det up i discover the auto focus speed and accuracy with the Sony 2x on the 100-400 was better than i expected

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