Panasonic Full Frame Camera Is It Real

by admin September 6, 2018 at 2:23 am

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  1. The A7iii is the new standard bearer for FF mirrorless cameras at the 2K cost point. Any new camera, at or around that cost point, needs to match or beat it in all functions to be taken seriously. So far, Nikon and Canon have failed to even match it. We shall see what Panasonic has learned from this and what they bring to the table.


  3. Shucks……Bought a G80, then got lured into buying a G9 – love both these cameras even with its minor deficiencies…. and now if this full frame is going to be good or better than these two models, then I'm going broke…..

  4. FWIW dept., CNET speculates the new Panasonic mirrorless camera may not necessarily be full frame, but a larger 4/3 sensor with new mount with adapter will allow full frame lenses to record with no crop factor. Makes sense as sensor technology (for video centric) has advanced to point that full frame size will soon be overkill. Proof is looking at the lower pixel but superior 4/3 sensor in the GH5S for video mode. Not necessary by any stretch to go up 4x in size from current 4/3 sensor to full frame. From "However, it's not necessarily a full-frame sensor, which harkens back to the size of a frame of 35mm film. It could be a new, larger-size Four Thirds sensor that would encompass full-frame so you could use those lenses with an adapter using some kind of multiaspect mode.

    Some people are speculating that since Leica is Panasonic's long-time lens partner that Panasonic might use the SL-Mount that Leica uses for its SL mirrorless, though I kind of hope not, since those lenses are really big. What would likely make sense is hybrid mount that could also take MFT lenses for a crop mode.

    Since its cameras are native mirrorless, they may not need an adapter the way you need to mount a DSLR lens on a mirrorless camera; the adapters adjust the distance between the sensor and the lens (the flange distance) to compensate for the absence of a mirror."

  5. I think Panasonic and Olympus are going to work together to compete. Olympus stays 4:3 while Panasonic goes FF. This way Olympus can get video like Panasonic, while Panasonic capitalizes on some great lenses. It would help them both put a holt to any new mirror less cameras. Probably no APS-C though. Two great R&D teams strengthening each other and less competition would be smart.

  6. I think there will still be support for M43 for sometime if you are invested into the system. If you look at 4:3 by Olympus they supported it for seven years I believe. Sony is still supporting the Minolta Sony A-Mount. Sure the lens have slowed down but they are still making them and they are still releasing bodies. The Sony A99ii is two years old. Will Sony kill off Sony A-Mount who knows maybe at some point in time. Sony A-Mount still sells better the Pentax.

  7. I think Panasonic Full frame mirrorless is the bigger news than Nikon or Canon mirrorless because, like Sony, they are experts in this market segment with their gh4/5 camera.
    Nikon or Canon never did with APS-C for prosumers based camera and jump straight to full frame.
    For Nikon, it seems like s desperate move.Canon playing catch up.

  8. I'd be happy to see Panasonic bring out a crop sensor. It would improve low light, and if they improve their AF, you'd have a brilliant camera. They seem to have everything else right.

  9. Great video Gregg, like they say Innovate or perish, sorry Nikon :(. Yet I think Panasonic is doing the same as Nikon said, they are "adding to their camera line", giving us choices.

    The only difference is panasonic has a mirrorless line people actually love. The gh5 is still 2 years ahead of the game so I agree, give us new firmware and more fast lenses (and lower prices lol)

    Everyone supposedly wants Full Frame until they see the size, weight and price$ of the lenses. I hope to stay with micro 4/3 for a very long time. Its a great system. Looking forward to your m43 advantages video!

  10. I don't get why developing FF would mean abandoning m4/3, wouldn't features trickle up and down both lines? I can't see them abandoning m4/3s. this will make ff a bloodshed battlefield

  11. Imho the only way to stay in the large sponsor market would be to have a larger sensor than all the competition. I would appreciate a open mirrorless system like the m43 for the small one with a really l large sensor.

  12. GH6 is m 4:3’s ! Full frame is just marketing, we don’t care for sensor size, image quality. Compatibility via software. How does it look, how easy is it to use ? User’s want compatibility. An image without software to edit it is poor planing !

  13. It takes at least two years to develop a new camera let alone a completely new system.
    What a funny coincidence that both Canon and Nikon come up with new camera-systems almost on the same day …
    From that I conclude that both companies must have decided on the same day in the past that a new system was due and both development teams apparently worked at the same speed.
    Evil to him who evil thinks …

  14. I think that makes sense. Leica already has a FF system the SL that is underutilized. They could license it from LEICA and create a new system already with some lenses (expensive). They would get those lenses and repackage them in a simpler and cheaper construction. They would be on the same place as Sony, Nikon and Canon with 2 different formats. I don’t see how they cannot have full support to both.

  15. On one hand Panasonic was a pioneer in mirrorless. That’s the brand. M43 was the gateway. It lends legitimacy to Panasonic as a professional camera maker to add FF. It actually gives confidence to the M43 system if they can pull FF off. It will require a new lens mount. I love my G85.

  16. Because of the A7iii…….
    -X-H1 slow sales, (price lowered)
    -GH5 ?? made people think about a sensor a 1/4 the size of full-frame with a higher price and almost no AF??
    -6Dmkii slow sales (price lowered)
    -EM1 seems like a foolish purchase now
    -Nikon D750 sales basically stopped (price lowered)
    -X-T2 (price lowered)
    -Nikon Z6 and Z7 released
    -Forcing Panasonic into FF rumors
    -Forcing Canon to go mirrorless
    -etc etc etc etc

    Just wait to see what a $1500 A7000 with 4K60, and a flip out screen would do to the camera world but specifically m43.
    The A7iii made aps-c users say hmmmm.
    The A7000 will make m43 users say hmmmmm

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