PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION TUTORIAL – Negative Space Photos Using A Coffee Cup

by admin August 5, 2018 at 1:34 am

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  1. Gotta say you are really great. It’s not what you do but the concrete hard confidence tells that you have used these techniques 1000 times before.

  2. Thanks, Ray. Whenever I run out of inspiration, then viewing your archive of video material always re-energises me and I get back out and take more photos. Your a wonderful source of encouragement thanks

  3. Thanks for the video and for inspire us to try new things and new persoectives. What about the printing process?, this project will be incompleted if don't get printed. Could you considerer to talk about the next step?, I mean, to print the photo??. Thanks!!

  4. Another brilliant tutorial. I think the flashlight is very clever and gives a different effect, but I’m with you and like the empty cup the best. It looks so clean and draws you into the entire image the best, where the ones with the liquid draw you into the dark area. As always a brilliant idea and inspirational video, thank you for posting it.

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