Photography Tips: Custom White Balance for ND Filter

by admin October 9, 2016 at 1:41 am

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  1. Hi Mike, Cokin are claiming their new Nuances ND filters have no cast, I've just received my 10 stop today but not been fit enough to go out and test it yet. Thankfully those that make camera equipment and accessories never ever over exaggerate the efficiency of their products. One thing I've noticed with my cameras is that either sensor size, or lens make a massive difference to my colour cast. If I use my Tamron 24-70 on my 5DIII Cokin filters give a very strong magenta cast, but the same filters using my Sigma 18-35 on my 7DII and there is very little cast at all. This is with, as close as possible with mathematical anomalies not taken into consideration, the cameras both having the same settings.

  2. What about those graduated round ND filter that you twist to get more intense shading? They cost an arm and a leg in the stores here but are pretty decently priced off in China. Any thoughts?

  3. +Mike Browne thanks for all your great videos..
    I just started on DSLR with a Nikon D3300 with a kit lens 18-55 without VR.
    Im thinking about trying to switch from JPEG to RAW.. but am affraid that I wont get any good results..
    I have been looking through your videos, but might have missed it… Do you have a video, with good tips and tricks to start with RAW ?
    I saw your video about pro vs consumer lens

    Is it possible to get that effect with the 18-55 kit lens ?

    Thanks for great videos.. :)

  4. I'm getting old. The first 1-2 seconds of that clip I thought you had traded your beard/goatee in for a 70's style handlebar mustache. Village People style. o0  Time for spectacles me thinks.  Another great little clip Mike, thanks for making the effort! The Mrs. is enjoying your 7 Building Blocks course at the moment.

  5. Thanks again Mike! I usually just hold a white card in front on the lens and tell the camera that this is white, like you said. Two clicks on the computer and you're golden. My camera's auto WB typically does a good job as well. I think I'm gonna go out this afternoon and try some of this stuff out again, very motivating.

  6. I love playing with ND filters when I take landscapes 🙂 The one I have is a ND 1000x filter that creates a slightly green color cast that is pretty easily correctable.

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