Pro Tip: The Greatest Photography Lenses are MORE than the sum of their empirical designs

by admin August 12, 2016 at 6:27 am

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  1. Hey Ken, hope you're good. Just procured a Planar G Series 45mm F2 for use with my X-Pro 2. You know much about the Contax G fit lenses? I have the 90mm too….theyre a bugger to focus, but seem really sharp.

  2. No Ken, the compact SWMs are still silent wave motors, they are still magnetic and they aren't DC. That site you got the information from is wrong.

    Compact SWMs cost half as a ring SWM according to Nikon, it's not "cheap DC" nor is it found in Chinese toys. Compact SWMs are crucial.

    Compact SWMs are loud, slow, but they are more precise, here are some of the lens that use a compact SWM:
    20mm f1.8G
    24mm f1.8G
    24mm f1.4G
    35mm f1.4G
    85mm f1.4G
    85mm f1.8G

    Here's a list of lenses that use a ring SWM:
    14-24 f2.8G
    24-120 f4G VR
    24-70 f2.8G and E
    70-200 f2.8G VR1 and VR2, 80-200 f2.8D AFS
    70-300 f4.5-f5.6G VR (Yes, this cheap lens uses a ring SWM)
    200 f2G VR VR2
    300 f4D AFS

    Do you see a trend here?

    Yes, the lenses that use a micro SWM are exclusively fast ones. Sure, nikon's kit 16-55 also uses such a motor, because it needs to be tiny and yeah, cheap. But cheap SWMs aren't used because they are cheap!
    The lenses that use a ring SWM are generally zoom lenses with a smaller aperture and heavy big glass elements that require a more powerful motor, hence they use a ring SWM. Nikon IS NOT lying.

    If we look at those fast 1.4 lenses, they are all very expensive, many which are more expensive than the lenses that use this supposedly superior ring SWM. Why? Simple, ring SWMs are less precise but they are indeed faster and less noisier. Compact SWMs despite being noisy, are small in size and far more precise because it uses a gear mechanism. Even the cheap 70-300 VR lens uses a ring SWM, which is exactly why the AF on it is really fast. These f2.8 and above lenses don't need a precise motor.

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