Review: Aukey Optic Pro Wide-Angle camera lens

by admin February 1, 2018 at 2:11 pm

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  1. i bought a similar Aukey fisheye lens. It seems better. i think the key is to have this lens placed perfectly square and flat on your phone camera lens. The quality is quite acceptable. It will not improve the image quality obviously. That would be nonsensical, adding lens will always degrade image quality. It is hard to find a better glass lens at this price point.

  2. I think you just not put it correctly, my first try with my s7e is same like yours, blurry pictures…but when i tried to put the lens for the third time, everything is perfect, no vignette, distortion, or blurry pictures.. even the autofocus is worked perfectly.

  3. shitty review. 1. it works with every phone not only on your i-mango. 2. people don't only buy it for shooting close up things, i for instance just want more field of view on my videos. :/

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