Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/S7 Vs DSLR (NIKON) ! Camera Videography

by admin December 23, 2016 at 1:18 pm

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  1. I'm an average person who's not some avid photographer or cinematographer… I've had canon t3i, xsi, sl1, bunch of other beginner canon DSLR's (I buy and sell them on craigslist haha). My most recent DSLR, SL1 lasted me about 2years w/ the pancake lens. I recently sold it and bought the S7…

    Top reason is I can bring it everywhere w/o having to bring a bag, extra lens, etc. and it's so compact, I love it!

    If you're a person like me, you don't really need a DSLR to take amazing pics.

  2. Kinda expected ,DSLR are not that good at video, S7 is the king of the camera, it does lose in photography to D5500( i have it) but on video the s7 usually have the edge, at 4K at least.

  3. (Apologies, just curious) For some reasons, for me, flower shots from S7 seem to be very blurry and washed out, that can be considered below normal for smartphone standards… may I know the phone in-depth settings during the tests? If there's nothing more, I guess its just what you stated on the video description

  4. S7 has a lot more dynamic range. The Canon looks terrible color-wise and seems to be terrible to fix in post-processing. The s7 has better focus, higher framerate, much sharper image and the shallow depth of field only engages when you get to a certain point in distance from the subject. You missed the bokeh-effect distance early in the video, but later you nailed it. In this case, I'd much rather have the Galaxy S7 with me as it keeps all options open and has much better raw footage to play with.

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