Sony a7iii banding, Sony a7iii new batterie, end of DSLR, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Ninja V,

by admin April 14, 2018 at 3:37 am

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  1. Hey David, my family has a wedding retail business and I need to start shooting our own catalogue commercial photos. I'm between the a7riii for the details and the a7iii for the faster work flow. What do you recommend?

  2. Hey Dave, I am about to take the new A7III to a wedding shoot. I am not very experience with mirrorless, so I was wondering if you could recommend a starting default settings for the low light shooting. Would you say 125 at F4.5 and ISO 800 be an acceptably starting point?

  3. Guys. Banding is NOT a camera issue, it's a lighting issue. If you have good LED lights you won't get banding, cheap LED's will band. Please stop blaming the equipment, learn how to properly use it. A9 was designed to reduce banding but can still get banding. Video shooters have always noticed an issue with banding, photographers are just now experiencing this with the new electronic shutters. Lower your shutter speed or use the mechanical shutter. Thanks.

  4. Hi David, love your channel because you include the viewers in the discussion. My problem with Wasabi batteries in the old W type batteries was its inconsistency on power. It would tell me 57% then if the camera went to sleep and I press shutter to turn it back on it may up to 72%, now I don't even know what to trust, and had them die on me while camera was reporting 30% left. Others are happy with them, I suppose its hit or miss.

  5. Hello David . Can help me for detail about SonyA7rlll with video record please?
    how to setup the function for smooth Video record ?
    going with S&Q or going direct Movie?
    which File format should i chose?
    And how about Record setting?
    Which Shutter speed ? Aperture ? ISO ? Normally are using ?
    I use 16-35 lens is that ok ?
    sorry i am very new with This . Thanks David .

  6. David, I have been watching your videos for a while. Here's why you are on my list of preferred photo professionals.

    Honest feedback (candid comments about yourself, your techniques, your choice of gear, etc.)
    Real-world analysis of cameras, lenses, accessories (upfront about commenting on gear that you yourself use)
    Humor (including a lot of self-deprecating comments; psychologists say that's a mark of a self-assured, well-balanced person)
    Colorful shirts (reminder to all to calibrate our screens)
    Your quest for better beer (sadly, I don't drink alcohol)
    and many more …
    If I ever visit Melbourne, I'll be sure to look you up. Maybe we could go chase some light somewhere.

    And of course, Subscribed and Liked.

  7. I think the best solution to the banding issue is to learn what creates banding and then only use silent shutter under the right circumstances. To completely avoid it in any type of artificial light seems a bit over nervous. I understand why you want to be on the safe side on paid jobs of course, I certainly will too, but I also want to do what I can to avoid bothering wedding guests in the church. How about shooting a comfortable amount of shots with the mechanical shutter and then spray with the electronic shutter too? Mix it up while shooting? We gotta put that Mode dial's memory recalls to good use. 🙂

  8. Black Magic PPC 4K is really just $995, since it includes DaVinci Resolve Studio $300 too. I have heard NAB chatter that it does use the GH5 sensor, not sure, but that’s the consensus.

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