Sony Alpha DSLR A900 review

by admin May 28, 2016 at 5:37 pm

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  1. I loved this sony A900. When this came out. This was the DSLR that I really wanted. I'm a little disappointed at the newer sony models. Mainly probably cause I'm not a big fan of EVF and the new SLT technology (although It has its advantages) I wish sony would make DSLRs like this again.

  2. I agree with you completely. I am actually planning on purchasing an a900 for some studio and street photography work. I barely use the LiveView to be honest, I love looking at the viewfinder.

  3. If you want to shoot video buy a fucking video camera.Sony Alpha 900 is maybe an old camera but it is still a very good camera.

  4. When this first came out. I was soo wowed by this. I wanted it soo bad. Even now, design wise. I think it's a greatly designed a camera. I just wish sony would make dslr like these again. I don't like their new ones with EVF.

  5. @le0401 just saying he does say at 2:30 "there is no movie mode"… you should probably do more research before you buy a camera and then get angry at someone for doing a great free service for something they didnt do…

  6. @cameralabs pretty sure at 2:34 you also say there is no movie mode here… therefore you did mention a lack of video i think le0401 has a lack of brain cells!

  7. @ le0401, gordon lane is a great reviewer online and filming on YouTube. Also, the reason why you couldn't understand Gordon is because you don't have a clue knowledge about camera's. So who's the stupid idiot? IT'S YOU!

  8. @le0401 You are an idiot. The A900 was released 3 years ago when most high end DSLRs did not have video. Some of them still don't have this feature.

    The camera is now discontinued. It will be replaced next year by a new model that includes video.

  9. @le0401 Check the date I made this video: 3 years ago. At that time only 2 DSLRs had video: the Nikon D90 and the Canon 5DII. Therefore at that time, video on a DSLR was so unusual, you'd only mention if something had it, not if it didn't. But just to make sure, I did state this clearly in my review at cameralabs, which I encouraged you to read at the end of the video. As for being stupid, what about the person who orders an expensive 3 year old camera without checking all the facts first?

  10. Sony A 900 is a piece of junk, I got so mad after I ordered it on Amazon, I canceled it after I found out this junk Sony cannot do video. This stupid man here did not mention anything about the lack of video or his weird shit accent I cannot understand.

  11. One thing he forgets to mention here is that Sony always delivers the highest Dynamic Range (close to film) compared to any other brand on the market.

    With such high DR capability, free anti-shake for any lens attached, a huge 24MP full-frame sensor… this 3-year-old camera is still unbeatable…. Kudos to Sony.

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