Tutorial | Black and White Photography

by admin June 15, 2016 at 8:46 pm

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  1. why you are shooting in black and white camera preset with that option you only destroy the color information, black and white photography need more control in post production process, like photoshop for example

  2. Does anyone even bother proofreading/listening to your official videos? The guy's talking about wonderful benefits of EVF while pointing to an LCD, or he's talking about amazing 20mpx sensor of RX1 while it's never been smaller than 24mpx, to name a few of numerous glaring mistakes. Incompetence at it's best…

  3. Honestly from experience it's best if you shoot it in normal colour than edit it later in Lightroom or just shoot it RAW 

    if you want to go further than that shoot it in 35mm film Ilford Delta or something 

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