Wedding Photography Tips & Tricks: Denis Reggie with the Canon 5D Mark IV

by admin April 1, 2017 at 7:33 am

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  1. how do u use external flash on this camera I just bought it but it doesn't show my setting for my flash on the camera I have canon 5d mark 4 with cameron trigger ttl and reciver with canon 580 ex flash speedlite??? now I don't know how use the flash off the camera ???

  2. Hi Denis, love your strong and zestful style of tuition. Checking in on this clip in the UK. I am a dual 5DIII shooter and looking at switching to dual 5DIV. Looking through the video i notice at around 6.5 minute in i can see flash going off in sync with you releasing the shutter? You are saying that you are shooting native light but the video is showing flash sync issues with the film cameraman? You are obviously not using a trigger on camera so where is the flash coming from. You can see the flash in the picture on the wall also.

  3. I'm confused at one area of the video….where the model is by the large flower image. Regie talk about natural light but there appears to be flash going off…can someone clarify if that is so or not please? At this point he didn't have gosh on the camera.

  4. Hi, Denis! Hi from Puerto Rico! Love the new AWB W that means WHITE PRIORITY, no AWB WARM as I believe as soon as seen it. So, it is the opposite. AWB W (White Priority) reduce the intensity of the image's warm color cast. The normal AWB (AMBIENCE PRIORITY) is the standard of previews models.

  5. Hey Denis. Great video. One small critique, when referring to color temperature it is measured in Kelvin and not measured in degrees. So a flash is 5500 Kelvin. Not 5500 Degrees Kelvin. Just thought you would want to know. Keep up the great videos.

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